Lee Hyori’s new photoshoot is just as sexy as 10 years ago

Lee Hyori was featured in Elle magazine’s March edition and her photos were a sure reminder of who owns the title of Korea’s sexiest diva.

Lee Hyori’s photoshoot with Elle magazine took place in a vintage apartment in New York, and her sex appeal and stylish fashion sense reminded everyone that she was once the epitome of sexy. In these photos, Lee Hyori rocked vintage outfits to match the photoshoot background such as a floral bomber jacket and patchy denim shorts, as well as suits to highlight her charisma.

Lee Hyori’s absence from the music scene led to a change in her image to a more simple and reserved one, as she opted to live on Jeju Island, in a rustic yet modern cottage-like house.

With the photoshoot in Elle, she proved once again that she could bring sexy back whenever she pleased.

Check out her gorgeous photo shoot below.

Cool colors to match her cool attitude in this gorgeous shot.
Business casual with a hint of something a little sexier, even these downplayed looks say “owning it”.
This gorgeous candid proves she is effortlessly sexy.

Source: Elle