Lee Hyun Proposes A BigHit Family Concert, BTS’s “CEO Jin” Responds

If this happens, the tickets will sell out in seconds.

Fans are now hoping for a “Big Hit family” concert, thanks to Lee Hyun.


Soloist Lee Hyun (formerly of 8Eight and Homme) is one of only three artists signed to Big Hit Entertainment. The other two are BTS and TXT.


Ever since TXT went public, fans began wondering what it would be like to see a collaboration stage between Big Hit Entertainment’s artists. It turns out, Lee Hyun has been thinking the same thing!


On March 7, Lee Hyun tweet out a message in response to the first TXT x BTS group photo. He said, “It’s good to see such a handsome moment~ They’re my cute juniors~ I wish there was a BigHit concert~”.


Soon after, BTS’s “CEO Jin“, the founder of “Jin Hit Entertainment” weighed in with one word: “Hmm…”


Fans are loving Jin’s response almost as much as they’re loving the idea of a collab concert!


If “CEO Jin” is on board, it’ll happen. The only question is: when?