Lee Hyun Yi Reveals Models Attend Private Fashion Shows For VVIP Guests

Here’s how it’s done.

Model Lee Hyun Yi revealed what happened during a VVIP fashion show on an episode of Happy Together 4.

She explained that these “VVIP shows” happen quite often and that they book the biggest room in a hotel to do them. The entire fashion show is solely for 2-4 guests.

We often do VVIP shows. We book the biggest room in the hotel and hold a fashion show for 2-4 people.

ㅡ Lee Hyun Yi

Jang Yoon Ju chimed in, “Because they’re VVIP, they are wearing the clothes from the brand that often costs more than 200 million KRW ($170,000 USD).”

According to Lee Hyun Yi, these VVIP guests tend to be on the older side, but one time she encountered a considerably young guest in the audience of the VVIP fashion show.

She explained that the young guest came backstage to visit her, claiming that she was a fan and that she had bought all the clothes Lee Hyun Yi wore that day. The coat she wore alone was 80 million KRW ($68,000 USD)!

After the show, she came backstage and said, ‘I’m your fan. So I bought everything that you wore.’ I was really envious. The coat at that time alone was 80 million KRW.

ㅡ Lee Hyun Yi

She explained that for jewelry shows, the items were far more expensive. Earrings cost 500 million KRW ($430,000 USD) for each piece and a necklace 1 billion KRW ($860,000 USD).

She explained that at these jewelry VVIP events, the models must go up to the guests and display the jewelry pieces for them.

Lee Hyun Yi confessed that on her first VVIP jewelry show, she was so nervous that her hands not only shook like crazy, she had shown the guest her empty right wrist when she should’ve been showing them the watch on her left wrist!

Watch the full video clip below: