Lee Hyunjoo To Start Activities Amidst Bullying Controversy With A Role In New Web Drama

She is already gearing up to start promoting.

Former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo, who is still caught up in the bullying controversy, has revealed to have started activities with a new web drama. She will be playing the role of Han Yura for the web drama Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident.

In the drama, Lee Hyunjoo will be playing the role of the female lead’s rival, Han Yura. Han Yura is a show host and influencer who is known as the “sold out girl” due to her beautiful visuals. She also has a crush on the male lead, which leads to rivalry with the female lead.

This web drama is set to film in late July and premiere in September.

Previously, a netizen claiming to be former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo‘s younger brother shared a post online about the alleged team bullying that took place. DSP Media immediately denied the points made in the post and claimed they have been nothing but supportive for the former member.

As the younger brother continued to speak and fight for Lee Hyunjoo on her behalf, the agency eventually announced that they will take legal action against the former member for “spreading false information.” Most recently, Lee Hyunjoo’s brother was found not guilty regarding defamation charges.

Source: ytn