Actor Lee Il Jae Passes Away After Battling With Cancer

May he rest in peace.

Actor Lee Il Jae (59) passed away on the morning of April 5 after battling lung cancer.

According to media reports, he passed away in the presence of his family members at the Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital in Seocho.


Lee Il Jae revealed on a variety program last year that he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. At the time, he stated that he didn’t want to worry those around him so he had kept his illness a secret. He expressed his strong will to overcome cancer and return to his entertainment activities, winning much support from his colleagues and viewers.


Lee Il Jae debuted as a stage actor in 1981 and appeared on numerous films and dramas including Rustic Period, The King and I and The Great King, Sejong. He also made a special appearance on the 2017 film The Sheriff in Town.


May he rest in peace.

Source: Starin