Popular Actor Confesses What Is Holding Him Back From Marrying Actress Girlfriend

“I am still struggling with the decision…”

Lee Jang Woo revealed why he has been holding off marrying his girlfriend.

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On December 4, MBC’s I Live Alone held a press conference to commemorate the show’s 10-year anniversary. The show, which follows a celebrity who lives alone, has become one of Korea’s most-watched shows.

On this day, Lee Jang Woo, who is a regular on the show, shared his thoughts on the show.

I have been on the show for about four years. At first, I thought I would be filming here and there, but now we have become a family. The other members of the show told me they would feel betrayed if I got married, and so I think that is one of the reasons I can’t get married yet.

— Lee Jang Woo

The actor, who is publicly in a relationship with actress Jo Hye Won, then doubled down on his original statement and claimed that although he really wanted to get married, he didn’t want to lose the team, as I Live Alone features celebrities who live alone.

I really do want to get married, but I also don’t want to lose the team. I am contemplating where work is prioritized in my life. I want to have children and be a father in this nation, but I don’t have the will to let go of this team. I am still struggling with the decision.

— Lee Jang Woo

Meanwhile, Lee Jang Woo is a popular actor who is currently in a relationship with actress Jo Hye Won. You can read more about their relationship in the link below.

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