Lee Ji Hoon and Choi Yu Hwa Amongst “River Where the Moon Rises” Cast Who Chose Not To Receive Acting Fees For Re-Filming

It is a selfless act from the cast members!

After actor Ji Soo‘s recent bullying controversyKBS‘s new K-Drama River Where The Moon Rises had to undergo a switch in the actor to portray the main character, On Dal.

On March 8, Lee Ji HoonChoi Yu Hwa alongside Wang Bit Na, and Ki Eun Se announced that they would not be asking for any fees for the episode’s re-filming.

KBS announced they would be editing Ji Soo out as much as possible from episodes 7 and 8, and the drama would be re-shot to star actor Na In Woo starting with episode 9.

The show had already filmed 95% of their episodes, and having to re-film them would be no easy task.

A representative from the production company spoke about the reasons behind the decision.

The production company was harmed by the incident as well. We work together, so we made the decision in the hopes that we can help. It’s a difficult time, so if we abandon some of our greed, we thought it could be helpful, so we made the decision.”

The need to re-film so many episodes meant that the production company suffered enormous economic losses from this incident, and to have to pay actors for re-shooting would not have been easy!

Hopefully, this news will help the drama get back on its feet, and fans can expect new episodes soon!

Source: EDaily and Naver