First-Generation Idol Taken To Emergency Room After Suffering Accident While Filming

“Omg, what happened?!”

Former Jewelry member Lee Ji Hyun suffered an accident while filming.

Lee Ji Hyun | Aju Kyungjae

On July 12, Lee Ji Hyun uploaded several alarming photos to her Instagram. In the photos, the first-generation idol is in the hospital and is seen receiving treatment.

In her post, Lee Ji Hyun revealed that a substance went into her eye, damaging her cornea.

I’m alright. This is just a case of growing pains, I guess. While filming, a substance got into my eye and made my eye feel like it was on fire. Because the hospitals were closing, I went to the emergency room and learned my cornea was damaged. It hurts, but this, too, will pass. Please be careful, as your health is precious!!!

— Lee Ji Hyun

Netizens expressed alarm and concern after seeing the photos. Many wished for the former idol to get better.

  • “Are you okay? It’s amazing that, even in that situation, you took a picture.”
  • “Oh no, this could have been really bad. Please be careful. I’m sure you will get better after receiving treatment.”
  • “Omg, what happened?!”
  • “Are you okay??”
  • “Oh wow, this could have been really bad.”
  • “I am so worried. Please get treatment.”

Meanwhile, Lee Ji Hyun is a former member of Jewelry. The former idol enjoyed immense popularity in the 2000s through her appearances on the legendary variety show X-Man. Lee Ji Hyun has since been active as a TV personality.

Source: wikitree