Lee Ji Yeon’s parents clarify speculations in light of recent blackmailing case filed by Lee Byung Hun

In an exclusive interview with a weekly magazine, Lee Ji Yeon’s parents defend their daughter in the blackmailing case filed by actor Lee Byung Hun. 

In an article published by Kuki News on December 30th, Lee Ji Yeon, who was the model involved in the alleged attempted extortion together with GLAM’s Dahee, was defended by her parents through a statement, denying reports that her family was struggling financially.

Through a statement, the parents disclosed that, “Reports have said that Lee Ji Yeon blackmailed Lee Byung Hun because her family was poor. I was so baffled when I heard that. We may not be extremely wealthy but we are not lacking. We have always sent her spending money.” 

Meanwhile, they also clarified reports about her father’s cancer diagnosis, confirming that he did have the disease but as surgery took place in the early stages, Lee Ji Yeon was not in a situation where she need to worry about money.

Lee Ji Yeon’s uncle also backed the statement revealing that, “Hyungnim has enough money. He has two store buildings, as well as an orchard. I took care of his issues with real estate so I know this for a fact.” 

They also spoke about Lee Ji Yeon’s plane tickets to Europe in which the court to be part of their plan to take the money and leave the country.

To these claims, the family revealed that, “We always go overseas every year with Ji Yeon. Last year, we went to Turkey and we planned to go Europe this year, so Ji Yeon just looked for the plane tickets. If she had planned to run away, she would have gone somewhere more discreet like China or somewhere in South East Asia.” 

Meanwhile, after months of ongoing legal battles, the prosecution has demanded model Lee Ji Yeon and GLAM’s Dahee to serve a 3-year sentence for blackmailing Lee Byunghun. The verdict was given on December 16th when the witness, also a mutual friend of the model and the actor, did not testify in the second and third trial.

Since the incident, Lee Byung Hun and his wife Lee Min Jung have been trying to work on their marriage and were spotted departing to Los Angeles together on December 6th.