Lee Jinhyuk Reveals He Suffers From Heart Disease That Almost Made Him Give Up His Idol Career

He almost gave up his idol career because of it.

UP10TION‘s Lee Jinhyuk, who is well known for his participation in PRODUCE X 101, confessed on Radio Star that he suffers from a heart disease that he’s had since birth.


He revealed that his cardiac valve doesn’t function properly so he had to undergo surgery when he was just a baby. He didn’t think much of it growing up because it didn’t affect his life too much.

It’s my first time talking about this, but I actually have heart disease. I’ve had it since birth so I don’t know a lot about it. It has something to do with my cardiac valve not functioning properly.

When I was young, I thought everyone had a scar on their chest. I realized around 4th or 5th grade in elementary school that I was the only one who had it. But I still didn’t think too much of it.

— Lee Jinhyuk


But when he began pursuing his dream to become an idol, his weaker heart became an obstacle for him. He even thought about giving up on his career and his mom even supported his decision.

The only time I felt an obstacle because of it was when I entered my company to train to be an idol. I realized that my energy couldn’t keep up to the rest of the trainees.

I wondered if I had to give my up dream. My mom told me to stop if it was too much for me.

— Lee Jinhyuk


But that didn’t stop Lee Jinhyuk! He became more determined to overcome his disease and practiced harder than ever to fulfill his dream. Through his hard work, his will made his heart stronger and he now faces barely any difficulties from it!

Even his doctor was surprised by his recovery!

But I felt frustrated by it. I wondered why I had to give up because of my heart disease. I didn’t want to give up because of it and I became determined to recover from it.

I practiced so hard. I went to practice every day and gave up my vacation time to practice too. As I practiced, my heart became stronger and the muscles were able to support it better. I got a lot better.

I still have the heart disease but my doctor said he didn’t expect this. He says it’s not a rare case but very fascinating that I got better by effort.

— Lee Jinhyuk


Although he’s gotten much better, he still “gets a checkup regularly” since the disease still exists.


In order to prevent his heart from affecting him again, he stays away from anything that could be harmful. He said he chooses to eat delicious food to help him stay energized instead of using possibly harmful chemicals, like caffeine!

It’s somewhat because of my disease but I don’t drink, smoke, or drink any type of caffeine.

But the hard part is when the other trainees or singers take energy drink when they’re tired. For me, I have to hold on solely by my mental will.

Instead, my doctor tells me to eat something delicious, something fattening, and something healthy.

— Lee Jinhyuk


The most surprising part of the story was how bright Lee Jinhyuk was while sharing his story. The cast and MCs praised him for his determination and attitude on life!


At first glance, you’d never expect Lee Jinhyuk to be suffering from such a disease but thanks to his determination to fulfill his dreams, he’s become one of the most popular idols today!

Source: Joy News 24