Lee Jinhyuk Opens Up About Going Solo After Promoting As A Group For 4 Years

He revealed his honest thoughts.

UP10TION‘s Lee Jinhyuk appeared on a radio show to celebrate his official solo debut. As much as it was a time to celebrate, Lee Jinhyuk revealed his honest truth about going solo after promoting as a group for the past 4 years.

UP10TION with all 10 members.


He explained that he worried a lot and felt pressured since he had to embody the song by himself instead of having his 9 members beside him.

I felt pressured and worried a lot.

To be a soloist means I have to be able to showcase the song’s full meaning by myself. It’s because everyone listens to music differently.

— Lee Jinhyuk


He also revealed that it still felt unbelievable after his solo showcase.

I felt nothing after the showcase ended. I thought, ‘Did I really just perform on that stage?’, ‘Did it end already?’ I later thought, ‘I really debuted as a soloist.’

— Lee Jinhyuk


But every emotion peaked when his song entered the music chart rankings! He thanked his fans as he explained, “I couldn’t contain my emotions. It feels unbelievable.


Check out Lee Jinhyuk’s solo debut, “I Like That”, below:

Source: MK Sports