Netizens Shocked At How Big And Handsome Lee Jong Hyuk’s Son Became

He’s grown into a handsome young man!

Netizens are shocked at the drastic transformation of actor Lee Jong Hyuk‘s son after seeing recent photos of him.

Lee Jong Hyuk appeared on Dad! Where are we Going? with his sons Tak Soo and Joon Soo in 2013.


At the time, Tak Soo was only in elementary school and was as cute as ever.


6 years later, Tak Soo is now heading off to high school and netizens are simply shocked at how much he grew.


Not only did he mature, but he grew in a literal sense as well! Up to 180cm at that!


And it’s not only his maturity and height netizens are amazed at. They’ve also been commenting on how handsome he has become.


His good looks even showed through in his school ID photo.


Meanwhile, a photo of Lee Jong Hyuk and his two sons show that little Joon Soo grew a lot too!

Source: Sports Kyunghyang