Lee Jong Suk’s Agency Clarifies He Was Not Involved In Signing HELLOVENUS’s Kwon Nara

Lee Jong Suk quit his director position before enlisting.

Since the news of his reported relationship with former HELLOVENUS member Kwon Nara broke, Lee Jong Suk and his agency have been denying the allegations and claiming that he and Kwon Nara are simply agency-mates. The dating rumor, however, did lead to more suspicion of Lee Jong Suk being involved in the agency’s operation, even after his military enlistment.

The South Korean law prohibits those serving military duties from being employed elsewhere and profiting during the period of their enlistment.


When the industry insider quoted that Lee Jong Suk was the one to push for Kwon Nara to sign with A-MAN Project, the press began suspecting that he had been profiting as the agency’s managing director, while he is away serving military duty. The agency spoke up once again and cleared the air, stating Lee Jong Suk left the managing director position behind and was not involved in any of the matters deciding Kwon Nara’s contract signing.  


The agency stated, “Lee Jong Suk is not listed on official documents as the agency’s managing director. He left the position by the end of February 2019, before he enlisted in the following month of March.”

Kwon Nara was signed to the agency in May. The entire process was handled by the assigned managers, not Lee Jong Suk. He is diligently serving his military duty. He is aware of the law involving his status.

— Lee Jong Suk’s Agency


The agency once again stressed the fact that Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara are not dating. It also pointed out that it is aware of the malicious rumors being made and spread about the parties involved and warned that any further rumors could lead to the agency taking legal action.


Here is the agency’s full statement:

“Hello, this is A-MAN Project. Here are the facts related to the news involving our actor Lee Jong Suk. 1) Lee Jong Suk is not listed as the agency’s managing director on paper anywhere. He left the position on February 20, before he enlisted in March. 2) The agency is currently under the management of Cha Kang Hoon who comes with a lot of experience in operations. But Lee Jong Suk’s brother Lee Jong Hyuk is listed as the managing director and is in charge of the duties that come with the position. Another managing director was in place until April 2019. When that manager quit, we had to replace the personnel, which we did. 3) Kwon Nara was signed to the agency in May 2019. This task was handled by the managers assigned to it. 4) Lee Jong Suk is aware of the legal restrictions that come with his status as a public service worker. He is focused on serving his military duty. It would be unfair to consider his personal conversations and interactions outside the workplace to be his involvement in the agency. 5) We verify once again that Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara are not in a relationship. 6) In addition, we are aware of the rumors that are being spread about the parties involved. There will be legal action taken if needed. Please stop sharing information that is unverified and untrue.”

Source: Newsen