Lee Jong Suk Blames YG For Not Being Able To Have A Fan Meeting

Lee Jong Suk updated his fans with some unfortunate news regarding his fan meeting.

He revealed on Instagram that he’s having a difficult time putting the fan meeting together because of YG Entertainment.

“I was planning a fan meeting… but each team in YG has incredible pride and high self-esteem, and they weren’t able to communicate well… There was a disagreement with the performance team about the performance, so we brought in outside directors and it took up a lot of time. We might have to pass on having it this year…”

— Lee Jong Suk

He apologized to his fans and hoped to bring better updates about his fan meeting soon.

“I think there are a lot of fans waiting for a fan meeting… I’m sorry that I’m making you wait. I will update you soon!”

— Lee Jong Suk

Check out his entire Instagram update below.