Lee Jong Suk Finally Returns To Korea After Being Detained In Jakarta

He’s finally been released.

Lee Jong Suk was detained in Jakarta, Indonesia after the local agencies failed to properly report his recent fan meeting’s profits. He uploaded a message to his fans on Instagram, explaining that his staff and he have been detained due to problems with their revenue report.

“Thankfully, I finished my fan meeting well 😊

But all of my staff and I are currently stuck in Jakarta. I think we’ve been detained since yesterday.. The local promoter, Yes24, reported their revenue from the event to the tax office, but they’ve taken the passports of my staff and I – who have nothing to do with the revenue reports.

I hope for the fast solution by Yes24, their agency The Creative Lab, and Yumetomo.

This is my first time experiencing something like this, so I don’t know what to do.. (Mom, I’m coming home late today… 😅”

— Lee Jong Suk

After being stuck for days at a nearby hotel, Lee Jong Suk was finally released by the government and boarded a plane back to Seoul.

“Lee Jong Suk, who was detained abroad, boarded a plane back to Korea.”

— A-MAN Project

According to Indonesian media, Lee Jong Suk and his staff were detained due to issues with the revenue reports, as well as their visa. The media reports claimed Lee Jong Suk and his staff didn’t receive the proper visa before flying into Jakarta.

Source: Halla Ilbo