Lee Jong Suk’s Instagram Almost Gets Hacked

Thankfully, the hacker wasn’t entirely successful.

Actor Lee Jong Suk has shown through a post that his Instagram was almost hacked.


On November 27, the actor shared a post with an image of the hacking attempt. He captioned it, “Who are you…Please don’t do this.”

The image indicates that a new log-in has been detected from somewhere in Daejeon, South Korea.


Netizens have been proposing that people who attempt to hack accounts should also be punished as a means of prevention.

  • “Omg this is crazy. They should punish people who try to hack accounts as a preventative measure.”
  • “This is crazy. What does he want to do with an account with over 14 million followers? It’s not even on private. He’s completely crazy. Shouldn’t the punish him? His intentions are so insolent.”
  • “They say that means someone succeeded in logging in and even if they weren’t able to pass the 2nd step of verification, what was he thinking trying to hack another person’s account. It’s obvious he’s been trying for more than a couple of days…Anyway if Lee Jong Suk files a lawsuit I hope they catch this guy too.”
  • “I’m getting the goosebumps when it’s not even me who got hacked. I hope he gets punished.”


Numerous celebrities have been suffering lately from people trying to hack their accounts. TWICE’s Jihyo recently warned hackers with a threat to take legal action. A hacker had tried to access her personal information and even asked her family members for money.

TWICE’s Jihyo Issues A Warning For Hacker, JYP Entertainment Threatens With Legal Action


T-ARA’s Qri also shared a post on her Instagram captioned, “I think I was hacked. I did not post any posts on my Twitter account. This mischief makes me angry. Do not!” She included a screenshot of the Twitter post.


Comedian Lee Guk Joo and Narsha were also affected by the actions of hackers as they tried to use voice phishing to scam money out of them.


Lee Guk Joo shared a post on her Instagram warning people that a person has been impersonating her and going around asking to borrow money.

“Someone is impersonating me and asking around to borrow money…
#crazy #hacked #voicephishing #LeeGukJooImpersonator
It’s not me so please don’t let them borrow any money”

Source: Herald Pop, My Daily and TV Report