Lee Jong Suk Leaving YG Entertainment After 2 Years, Will Not Sign New Contract

Lee Jong Suk will be moving to YNK Entertainment.

With the end of his 2-year contract with YG Entertainment, Lee Jong Suk will be moving to YNK Entertainment, the agency that manages Shin Hye Sun. His contract with YG Entertainment will be coming to an end on March 31st.

By coincidence or not, Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jong Suk will also be appearing on the upcoming drama Death Song.

Death Song was originally an album released in August 1926 by Korea’s first soprano, Yoon Sim Deok. It has since been reinterpreted as a movie and musical. The drama version will portray the tragic love between playwright Kim Woo Jin and soprano Yoon Sim Deok as it sheds new light on aspects of Kim Woo Jin’s life that was previously unknown.

With Lee Jong Suk spending his last week at YG, the label made an announcement that they will continuously cheer him on in future projects.

“With Lee Jong Suk’s contract coming to an end, we decided not to renew his contract after discussing with him in length. We will continue to cheer him on just as we have always done.”

— YG Entertainment 

Source: Star Today and Sports Chosun