Lee Jong Suk Reveals His Nerves About Coming Back Into The Spotlight Following His Military Discharge

How does someone who’s nervous still look so good?

After being discharged from his military service, actor Lee Jong Suk shot an amazing photoshoot with Esquire Korea.

According to the interview, this photoshoot was the actor’s first pictorial and interview since his discharge. Lee Jong Suk commented on how he felt when he stepped in front of the cameras after some time.

Q: “Is this your first schedule? It must have been a little strange?”

I was really nervous. Because I used to be a model, I tend to do pictorials with a relatively comfortable mind. But today, I was very nervous, so when I took the first cut, I really didn’t know how I moved my body.

— Lee Jong Suk

Despite his claims about his nerves, the interviewer reassured him that he looked like a real model. Lee Jong Suk responded that he wanted to do well for his fans.

I think it improved over time. I really hope it comes out well. It’s the first time that fans have seen me in two years. I went on a strict diet that went as far as fasting for a few days before the photo shoot because I was gained 10kg. This diet was particularly difficult since you can’t exercise (at the gym) these days. I had no choice but to lose weight through Home training and dieting, so I felt like my body was drying up.

— Lee Jong Suk

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, there are fewer opportunities to do fun public activities, meet friends, or make special appearances on variety shows or photoshoots. With this in mind, the interviewer asked Lee Jong Suk if there was anything that he wanted to do once he came back but couldn’t because of the pandemic.

Q: “There must be something you wanted to do to finish your service, but isn’t it sad that the situation is a bit difficult?”

There is nothing in particular. Before in the military, I had no special leisure time either. So, I don’t feel bored because I can’t go outside because of Corona.

— Lee Jong Suk

In fact, Lee Jong Suk claimed that his service was, in some way, a break from his hard work in the industry over the years.

I’ve always been thinking about my work and activities. So I was quite relaxed because I was able to let go of those concerns. All I had to do was my given tasks

— Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk even revealed that in the past he has been quite hard on himself when he acting.

There are soo many people who are really good at acting. I think that acting sense and talent are innate. In addition to acting, there are people who say the words ‘Oh, they have a real sense of work.’ I think that’s all really natural. Acting is my professional job and I know I’m lacking, so I watch a lot and try to fill it.

— Lee Jong Suk

Now that he’s back, he hopes he will be more confident with acting.

I’m not sure what will happen in the future. I would like me to be more comfortable than before. There was a time when I watched the camcorder like a compulsion and re-watched the monitor 100 times. It seems that it became more and more painful as I blamed it all on me. I’m trying to do that less now in order to love myself. I think that I thought,’This is self-objectification’ and treated myself more harshly.

— Lee Jong Suk

Fans are pleased to hear that Lee Jong Suk is finding ways to treat himself with love rather than criticism.

Source: Esquire Korea