Lee Jong Suk to be the youngest male actor to win Grime’s “The Best Male Actor Awards”

Actor, Lee Jong Suk has been honored with “The Best Male Actor Awards” for the 2014 ‘s 27th Grime Awards. This award is given to the best male actor selected by the broadcasting directors in Korea. The actor has proven his talent in acting through the most recent SBS drama series currently airing, Pinocchio. 

Lee Jong Suk is also the youngest male actor to win “The Best Male Actor Awards” in the past 27 years of Grime Awards. Some of the award winners for it were Korea’s marquee actors, including, Jo Jae Hyun, Lee Sung Min, Cha Seung Won, So Ji Seop, Jang Hyuk, Kim Myung Min, Song Il Guk, and more.

Since making his debut in 2010, the actor has shown his versatile acting through total of 13 dramas and movies of different genres. In particular, Lee Jong Suk has been marked as highly trust label with the recent success of School 2013, I Can Hear Your Voice, and Doctor Stranger.

Meanwhile, Grime Awards, established by KTPA in 1993, were the first to bestow awards to directors of different genres for their qualified works for the past year. However, starting in 1996, Grime Awards included awards for the “Best Male and Female Actors of the Year” as well.

The 27th Grime Awards will be taking place at 6.30PM (KST) of December 12th. Congratulations to Lee Jong Suk once again!

Source: Newspim