Lee Jong Suk’s closest actress friend revealed to be Baek Jin Hee

During a recent interview with Star News, model-turned-actor Lee Jong Suk revealed his closest actress friend to be Baek Jin Hee.

The actor said, “I became close friends with Baek Jin Hee after filming MBC’s sitcom ‘High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged’ together.”

He also commented on the rumors of his relationship with miss A’s Suzy which surfaced last September, “Honestly, Suzy and I don’t even know each other. I was invited to Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung’s newlywed house and people there started to clap and congratulate me for being in a relationship with Suzy, and I remember I was really shocked then.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk has recently finished filming for the hit SBS drama Pinocchio, which ended on January 15th. He has received strong compliments on playing the successful role of reporter Choi Dal Po, who lived under a different name in the past.

Source: Star News