A Netizen’s Post About Lee Jonghyun’s Private Life Resurfaces in Light of His Recent Scandal

Fans didn’t believe it at the time.

In light of Lee Jonghyun‘s scandal surrounding Seungri‘s chatroom, a post that one netizen made 5 months ago in a CNBLUE‘s online community has resurfaced.

Last October, a netizen made claims of Lee Jonghyun being famous for engaging in sexual relations with girl group members and fans.

“I have something to tell CNBLUE fans. Stop swooning over Lee Jonghyun so much. There are many rumors talking about how he’s engaging in sexual relations with a famous girl group member… He’s also famous for engaging in sexual relations with his female fans, so believe me on this. Don’t regret it later, haha. You’ll see it on the news soon. Sure, there have been no reports on it, but Lee Jonghyun has been to the police station countless times already.”

The netizen claimed that despite there being no reports on it, Lee Jonghyun had been to the police countless times and that everyone would see it on the news soon enough.

In response to this post, fans told this netizen to stop spreading false rumors, and in response, the netizen added, “2D1N’s Jung Joon Young and Lee Jonghyun molested a minor after giving her sleeping pills.

This strong accusation was overlooked at the time, but netizens are wondering if this was actually true in light of recent events.

Source: Insight

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