Lee Joo Yeon Criticized For Being Rude And Offensive To Other Guests During “Radio Star”

She was “rude” to the other guests.

Former After School member Lee Joo Yeon is getting heavily criticized by netizens for her “rude” behavior on on Radio Star.


While actor Song Jae Rim was telling a story, Lee Joo Yeon was seen talking to the other guests and not concentrating on his story.


She even turned her back towards him as she started up a conversation.


When the hosts asked her what she was talking about, she claimed that Song Jae Rim’s story was “dry“. Thinking she meant she was feeling parched, Song Jae Rim offered her a drink. But she clarified that she thought his story was “boring“.


Song Jae Rim seemed to be a bit offended by her statement as he apologized for being “boring” despite it being their first meeting.


Later on, Cha Tae Hyun revealed that Kwank Dong Yeon never dated anyone longer than 90 days. Hearing that statement, Lee Joo Yeon couldn’t stop herself from laughing.


Kwak Dong Yeon appeared offended by her sudden burst.


He claimed that she “just offended the unknown percentage of people in the whole country that had only dated for a short time period.


After watching the show, many netizens criticized Lee Joo Yeon’s behavior. They claimed she was rude, ill-mannered, and more.


Lee Joo Yeon has not made a statement regarding the criticisms as of yet.

Source: Dailian and Nate Pann