Lee Joon fanboys over EXO and calls them “oppa”

In an interview with OBS, former MBLAQ member Lee Joon has revealed his love for EXO.

When Lee Joon was questioned whether he has been paying attention to other actors around his age, he revealed that he has only had time to watch Im Siwan’s works. However, he also stated that if he has more time, he would love to watch EXO member D.O.’s performances, because he has heard a lot of good things about D.O.’s acting.

Later on, Lee Joon also revealed that he is the type to leave comments on news articles online, stating, “I would never leave anything negative – I support leaving positive and encouraging comments. I would also never leave comments on my own articles.

He then said with a laugh, “Actually, I’ve commented on EXO’s articles before. When EXO got #1, I left a message saying Suho oppa is handsome. I felt good watching the amount of likes go up for my comment.

Source: OBS News