Lee Joon Reassigned To Public Service Due To Panic Disorder

While Lee Joon can no longer be on active duty, he will complete his military duty as a public service worker.

Actor and former MBLAQ member Lee Joon, who has been serving his military duty since last October, has been reassigned to complete the remainder of his service as a public service worker. The South Korean Military Manpower Administration removed him from active duty because of his panic disorder.

Lee Joon’s agency made a statement confirming the news and reassures fans that he will safely complete his service at his new station.

“We apologize for the news of his unhealthy state of being. As soon as he confirm his new station, he will work hard there and complete his service.”

— Prain TPC

Lee Joon has been battling panic disorder since long before he joined the army. While his decision to enlist and serve active duty surprised his fans who were aware of his condition, he insisted he can overcome the disorder and complete his duty.

Earlier this year, Lee Joon was involved in a suicide attempt rumor. The agency denied all allegations and said Lee Joon’s family confirmed the news was false. He has in fact been reported to be a role model soldier for the past five months. Lee Joon will soon be appointed to a public service position to complete his military duty by 2019.

Source: Dispatch