Lee Jooyeon Accidentally Uploads Selfie With G-Dragon, Deletes Shortly After

Fans are not happy.

Former After School member Lee Jooyeon accidentally shared a video of herself with G-Dragon and deleted it shortly after.

The video has been rapidly spreading through online communities and angering BIGBANG fans.


This was not the first time Lee Jooyeon posted a video with G-Dragon. In October 2017, she had uploaded a video of herself with G-Dragon using a similar application, giving rise to their dating rumors.


Many fans have been expressing their disappointment in Lee Jooyeon and asked her to refrain from adding more fuel to the fire, considering the current situation with Seungri, YG Entertainment, etc.


Some netizens and fans have even been doubting that Lee Jooyeon posted the video by accident.

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Source: Sports Kyunghyang