Lee Jun Ki reportedly injured during his recent concert stop in China

Lee Jun Ki posts an update and apology for his fans in China after suffering from an injury during his concert tour. 

Worrying with images of him an a wheelchair on December 25th, Lee Jun Ki updated fans of his condition and assures them that he will get treatment in order to prepare for his ongoing schedules. Updating his official Facebook, Twitter and Weibo accounts, Lee Jun Ki revealed that, “I am sorry that I worried you. It was unprofessional to be injured. I could stand the pain onstage thanks to the support from my Chinese family and our families. I was pleased and happy. I will get the treatment well and prepare for the next to schedule well . Merry Christmas ~♡ I love you. You are the reason for my existence.”

Fans who have seen his update immediately expressed their worry over the singer/actor and left encouraging messages for his full recovery.

Lee Jun Ki is currently busy with his ongoing concert tour 2014-5 Asia Tour “Together” visiting Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Japan and just recently, Guangzhou and Wuhan, China.

He is set to continue meeting his in Beijing on December 27th.