Lee Jung Hee charged with alleged child abuse

Lee Jung Hee, known for being the victim in the “Mother and Two Sons Rape Case,” has been charged with alleged child abuse.

News of Lee Jung Hee’s horrific rape case has emerged again in Korean media portals. The case involves the father allegedly raping, prostituting and even drugging his two sons and wife. Although Lee Jung Hee, the mother of two sons, successfully received full custody of her children, another problem has currently surfaced.

On July 23rd, the police department have reported that they have charged the mother, Lee Jung Hee, with alleged child abuse and is continuing their investigation.

Lee Jung Hee is charged with overloading her 2 underage children with information of sexual assault in order for them to testify starting from last September until recent times. They claim that by informing them of such materials may have effected their mental health negatively thus not allowing them to develop properly.

Also, she is also charged with not sending her children to school despite their arrival to Korea in last June and October.

[ +11022 / -804] Don’t you need to arrest the husband and the grandfather? What kind of law makes the victim a suspect?

[ +10245 / -493] I have nothing to say.. They failed to force her into the mental hospital after she won custody and now they have sued her for child abuse. She only wanted the freedom of her children. The three of them cried in happiness after she won custody of her children. Where is the truth?

[ +9871 / -456] I first thought they sent the bad guys to jail but it’s the opposite? It’s South Korea alright. tsk tsk

[ +9018 / -416] Please reveal the truth. I’m worried for the two children 🙁 They didn’t want to go to school because they didn’t want to get kidnapped by their fathers. Why are you turning the table on her.. this is scary!!

[ +8354 / -337] They’re doing the investigation in an opposite fashion.. tsk tsk tsk

Source: Yonhap