Lee Jung Hee may be charged under suspicion of false accusations

The police department is planning to call in Lee Jung Hee under suspicion of making false accusations.

After various reports emerged among Korean news portals of Lee Jung Hee’s alleged false accusations, the police have released an official statement regarding the issue.

On July 26th, a member of the police department told News1 that, “If Mr. Huh (ex-husband) is proven innocent through the rape case with the mother and two sons, we are planning to call Lee Jung Hee in for making false accusations.”

He continued to state that all of the members currently in lawsuit by Lee Jung Hee “have an intent to countersue for false accusation as well.” He also added that even if some members decide not to countersue, the police department is “planning to investigate regardless due to the big issue Lee Jung Hee has made through this case.”

Currently, Lee Jung Hee has sued over 30 people all over Korea including her former husband, his father, and two members of her own side of the family. After the program We Want To Know The Truth aired, showing footage that may lead people to believe Lee Jung Hee made false accusations due to manipulation by a shaman identified as Kim, many netizens have been convinced that Lee Jung Hee may also be manipulating her own children.

During an interview with Lee Jung Hee’s former husband, he confessed that he still loves and misses Lee Jung Hee and his two sons he hasn’t seen for over two years. He claims that the only reason Lee Jung Hee has been acting this way is because she is brainwashed by the shaman thus not believing her own sons to be her children. Mr. Huh (former husband) also added on the program that Lee Jung Hee was never a person like this before becoming close to the shaman Kim.

In Korea, there are many reported cases where people get tricked or manipulated by made-up religions and superstitions such as traditional Korean shamans. Victims often get brain-washed and devote their life savings as well as their life due to their faith.

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[ +12216 / -520] This is a unthinkable scam of all Korean citizens. This sinister mother and her two sons haha I can’t understand

[ +10760 / -734] Heol. — They were putting on a show?? Wow I supported those people —

[ +7957 / -806] If many netizens opened their mind and not only believed one’s side before hearing the other, the ‘witch hunt’ on the former husband wouldn’t have started.

Source: News1