[★BREAKING] Lee Jung Hee rape scandal revealed to be massive scam?

In breaking news, SBS has revealed through their program, “We Want To Know The Truth” that Lee Jung Hee and the rape scandal involving her children is a scam.

In the program, SBS investigates the truth behind the “Mother and Two Sons Rape Case”, starting from the press conference until now, they investigate from start to finish.

On October 29th 2014, Lee Jung Hee and her two sons showed up to a press conference covering their faces with a truth that shocked Korea and the international world. The sons claimed that, “[Our] father injected us with colored liquid, calling it drugs.” When asked if they had evidence to support their claims, Lee Jung Hee responded, “My children are my evidence and I have been going through this for over 20 years.”

Throughout the case, it was revealed that the two sons (aged 13 and 17) backed up their mothers claims stating, “Everything is true and we have been sexually assaulted since an early age.”

SBS looked to find out the truth behind this case, discussing with the police team that was investigating the case and revealed a shocking truth. The police department revealed, “After going through the fathers belongings, there weren’t any footages of rape in the confiscated videos.” They went on to state that the father was delivering pizza in Busan and continues to claim he has no involvement in the rapes. The police also revealed on the show that they requested a follow up interview and investigation with Lee Jung Hee but was rejected with her  reason that she “cannot trust the police.”

The accused father also spoke on the show saying, “Lee Jung Hee is controlled by a shaman who she also calls great aunt.” Lee Jung Hee’s sister, who is also accused of the same crimes, admitted that “after Lee Jung Hee has been following a shaman ever since she believed that she was cured by her.” On the program, it was revealed that Lee Jung Hee has deep faith in Korean traditional shaman who are known to traditionally ask ancestors and ghosts to find answers.

A snippet of the documentary, subbed in English, shows the most damning evidence, with the sons and mother acting extremely suspicious when they think they’re not being filmed. After asking for a few minutes to themselves, they discuss whether or not the documentary crew believed their words. Lee Jung Hee and her twos sons were seen saying “what if they think we are lying?” and answering with “You were being very persuasive.”

After this footage and details of the case were shown to professionals, they revealed, “Lee Jung Hee’s smile while confessing what happened during investigation shows that her emotions are different from what she is saying. Lee Jung Hee’s husband’s confession seems truthful in terms of detail but Lee Jung Hee’s confession has many holes and leave out many details.”

When they sons find out that the microphone is still on, they look extremely distraught and begin shaking. Check out the footage below:


Watch the full documentary in Korean below:

Source: TV Report, Sports Donga