Lee Jung Hee’s sudden disappearance clarified by media

After the sudden disappearance of Lee Jung Hee, media reports state that she will be receiving psychiatric treatment.

The mother of two sons in the alleged rape and prostitution case suddenly disappeared last night after winning custody over her two sons from her former husband. After years of alleged rape and prostitution by her husband and other family members, Lee Jung Hee gained a lot of support after writing and posting an online essay regarding her situation. On July 17th, she finally won custody over her two sons and will be filing numerous charges against her former husband for rape, prostitution and substance abuse.

After she disappeared, many speculations arose from the public and the media that she might have been kidnapped. But News1 reports that she was admitted into a psychiatric hospital for treatment. Even after the report, netizens do not believe it and are still claiming that it is the husband’s side of the family doing such kidnapping and forcing her somewhere unknown.

According to News1, a member of the online community that supported Lee Jung Hee and her cause told the police department that, “Lee Jung Hee has been burdened with stress after pursuing a lawsuit against her own family members and after professional counseling, she has agreed to admit herself to the hospital. All of the rumors going around online are not true and even the children will be under professional care.”

The online community members of Lee Jung Hee’s cause are currently silent protesting in front of the police headquarters with masks on.

[ +921 / -23] <FLASH REPORT!!> Tonight, Lee Jung Hee and her two sons kidnapped. Speculated to be the father’s side of the family. Lee Jung Hee hasn’t responded to any phone calls after she made a phone call that she was being forced to go somewhere and asking for help. Everyone! Please share this!! We can’t guarantee the saftey of Lee Jung Hee and her two sons!!!

[ +810 / -16] The case involving the professor feeding a student feces is coming on mainstream news real quickly and this case still hasn’t even been reported on mainstream television.

[ +723 / -12] Fighting reporter. This is the first time I actually read news.

[ +694 / -15] This rape case has to be known to the world.

[ +620 / -9] Thank you reporter. I hope many people see this and help them.

Source: News1