Lee Junki reaches 15 million followers on Weibo

Lee Junki took to his SNS to thank fans for following him on Weibo, in light of reaching 15 million followers.

On October 21st, Lee Junki posted on his SNS a screenshot photo of his Weibo saying, “One of my fans captured this 15million follower screenshot for me. I welcome and congratulate you all, and thank you. We are all one” giving fans his warm thanks for their support.

Lee Junki is an actor who is renowned for his skills on set and handsome looks. His drama Joseon Gunman reached 400 million views on Chinese site QQ, despite the drama being a Korean period drama, which is not very familiar to Chinese fans.

Lee junki, to thank the fans for his unstoppable popularity, is also planning to hold an Asian tour beginning at the end of November, visiting Asia’s biggest cities including Yokohama, Osaka, Beijing and more.

Source: Mydaily

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