Lee Kwang Soo Proposes To Jung So Min 

He said, “I’ll marry you!”

Lee Kwang Soo and Jung So Min created a new love line after a surprise proposal, in the latest episode of Running Man. It all started when the members were challenged to an episode where they had to escape prison.

The members had to find secret items across the race with tofu being one of them.

Jung So Min managed to nab the secret item (tofu) but it was stolen in a brief glance!

Kim Joong Kook saved the actress in her time of despair but her suspicion towards the real culprit remained on Lee Kwang Soo, the icon of betrayal.

“I curse that the thief’s family will fail for three generations.”

-Jung So Min

Lee Kwang Soo stunned everyone by also cursing in response, “I’ll marry you! Our family can be cursed then!

Although it was a joke, the cast members were shocked at the sudden proposal.

Fans of the program were thrilled, however, as the two cast members were known for their bickering each episode.

Enough for a love line to develop!

So, who’s on board with this proposal?! 💍

Source: Donga