Lee Min Ho Donated 50 Million Won To Help Children of Abuse

Lee Min Ho has donated 50 million Won (approximately $44,204 USD) to children of abuse through Promiz, a donation platform he established in 2014.

On February 22, a non-governmental organization by the name of Good Neighbors revealed that Lee Min Ho had donated 50 million Won to victims of child abuse to provide for their heating bills and psychotherapy.

He donated the 50 million Won through Promiz, a donation platform he established in 2014 that organizes various projects according to keywords, such as “water”, “children”, and “animals”.

From January 16 to 26, Promiz organized a project titled the “Warm your body and heart project”. If their project post received over 1000 likes or 500 likes and 500 hearts, the organization promised they would donate to children who were victims of child abuse.

Over the course of 10 days, the post received enough likes to donate to the children through Good Neighbors, and Lee Min Ho kept the promise by making the donation.

Source: Dispatch