Lee Min Ho reveals he was injured several times during the filming of “Gangnam 1970”

Actor Lee Min Ho attended the showcase for his upcoming film Gangnam 1970 on January 6th, revealing he had been injured several times on the set.

According to the actor, he had at one point been sent to the emergency room for an injury he sustained while shooting for a scene. However, further details regarding the incident was failed to be revealed.

One of the personnel from the film stated, “I think he was embarrassed to explain the incident further. Since the movie revolves around action, Lee Min Ho has been injured a few times , but he doesn’t seem to mind. He said ‘These injuries are simply a part of my job description during movie shoots,’ and he expressed that he didn’t really want too much attention falling on the fact that he was injured.”

Last month on December 12th, the cast of Gangnam 1970 came together for the film’s official press conference, where Lee Min Ho revealed, “I had my toenail fall out but that didn’t happen during a big action scene. I also got injured doing a back flip and I couldn’t continue shooting that day. I was injected with pain killers for the next three days of shooting.”

Source: Newsen