Lee Min Ho and Suzy are the “mid-sized conglomerate” couple

Upon confirming their relationship earlier today, model and actor Lee Min Ho and miss A‘s Suzy prove to be the “mid-sized conglomerate” couple.

Lee Min Ho and Suzy are to make the newest addition to the top star couple list. The two are some of Korea’s representative top stars in their 20s both domestically and internationally. Just by looking at their revenues and net values as celebrities, the sum of their individual revenues make up that of a regular mid-sized conglomerate in Korea.

In the recent past, Suzy has been raised in talks for her revenue amounting to around 10 million dollars through partaking in multiple CFs both as an actress and an idol star. Whilst, Lee Min Ho too has garnered huge popularity in most parts of Asia as a super hallyu star. In particular, he is one of the top Korean actors alongside actor Kim Soo Hyun.

Earlier today, Suzy’s agency JYP Entertainment confirmed, “They have been cautiously seeing other for a month now,” and Lee Min Ho’s agency too similarly stated, “They have been seen each other for a month now and are continuing to see each other cautiously with good feelings,” on March 23rd (KST).

Meanwhile, the two are to continue with their regular schedules like usual.

Source: Newsen