Lee Min Jung to return home with Lee Byung Hun and restart activities

After several weeks of speculation and rumor that the newlywed couple, Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung, were drifting apart after the actor’s controversial blackmailing incident, it seems the two stars have made their amends.

Approximately two months ago, actor Lee Byung Hun had been involved in a shocking lawsuit where two young women, girl group GLAM‘s Kim Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon, blackmailed the actor for nearly 5 billion won (approximately $4.7 million USD), threatening to release footage of Lee Byung Hun slurring inappropriate language and making gestures towards them if he did not purchase each of them a home.

Lee Byung Hun’s wife Lee Min Jung, on the other hand, did not speak up about the whole incident when it first broke out. The actress was reported to have left the couple’s home to stay at her parents’ home where she spent some time away from the media’s sight.

However, despite the alleged scandals between the actor and the two young women, Lee Min Jung has finally spoken up regarding the whole issue.

It was told through a representative of both the actor and actress on the 21st, “Although the couple was being attacked with nonsensical rumors that they were drifting apart after the blackmailing controversy broke out and that Lee Min Jung went to spend time with her family, the pile of misunderstandings between the two has been somewhat cleared. Actually, this incident could be viewed as an obstacle that has made the couple become stronger. As much as Lee Byung Hun has resumed his activities again, Lee Min Jung will also officially be restarting her activities in the entertainment industry as well.

It has also been reported that Lee Min Jung’s stay at her parents’ home was, in fact, a way for the actress to cope through her frustrations and heartbreaks regarding the case. The actress had cancelled several different activities that she had scheduled during the time, but with the burden she felt as Lee Byung Hun’s wife, she feared that she was obligated to speak up about the incident, which she was not yet ready to do.

Lee Byung Hun had often visited Lee Min Jung at his in-laws’ home where the family shared meals together. The couple’s representative stated that the actor and actress actually ended up spending more time together through this difficult patch and it helped the two to unravel any misunderstandings.

Not only was the blackmailing incident the reason behind Lee Min Jung’s stay at her parents’ home, but with producers, directors, and staff of Lee Byung Hun’s new movie visiting the newlywed’s home for meetings and discussions, the actress felt that her absence would benefit her husband and would cause less of a distraction.

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun’s blackmailers, Kim Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon, had attended their first court trial on the 16th in which the actor was not in attendance. The case is still ongoing.

Source: Sports Seoul, Asia E (1, 2)