Lee Minho And Suzy Respond To Circulating Rumors Of Them Breaking Up

It has been nearly a year next month since the breaking news of a new celebrity power couple, actor Lee Min Ho (29) and miss A member Suzy (22). 

According to the Dispatch and their respective agencies, Lee Min Ho and Suzy have been dating since February 2015. Despite rumors of their breakup in September 2015, they were proven wrong with later confirmation.

Despite both having busy schedules both overseas and domestically, the power couple continues to meet one another as much as possible, their relationship still going strong.

One industry official told Sports Donga on February 11th, “The two of them know about the rumors that they’ve broken up,” and, “But they are just laughing it off.”

While Lee Min Ho is about to go on a fan meeting tour after completing filming for the Korean-Chinese joint film Bounty Hunters, Suzy has already begun filming for her upcoming and drama comeback Uncontrollably Fond with Kim Woo Bin for a July broadcast.

Source: Sports Donga