Lee Sang Min Responds To Accusations That He Defrauded $1.1 Million From An Acquaintance

His variety shows made statements about their next action.

News reports claimed that singer Lee Sang Min was accused of defrauding an acquaintance for 1.27 billion won (~$1.1 million USD). The alleged victim filed a lawsuit against him and opened up about it to the media.

He claimed that Lee Sang Min made various monetary promises but did not come through with it.

Back in 2014, Lee Sang Min told ‘A’ that he would help him get a loan for 4.5 billion won (~$4 million USD) if he gave Lee Sang Min 400 million won (~$350,000 USD). He took the money but ‘A’ did not receive any loans.

Lee Sang Min also took 870 million won (~$750,000 USD) from ‘A’ after claiming that he will promote ‘A’s company on a program that he MCs.

— Plaintiff

The plaintiff also added that he was unable to pay his employees or his debt off properly. As a result, a lawsuit was filed against him for alleged fraud and bribery.


After the news reports were released, Lee Sang Min personally took to Instagram to respond to the claims. He uploaded a photo that read, “First, I apologize for causing trouble through unsetting rumors. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to reveal the truth within a short time period, but I wanted to upload this message to state the truth.

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He clarified that he is innocent of the accusations that the plaintiff had filed and explained that the plaintiff was trying to threaten him with a lawsuit for financial reasons.

The news reports about a lawsuit that was filed against me are all false. I plan on taking every legal action possible against the accusing person for defamation.

I’m sure the truth will be revealed through the investigations, but this is what actually happened in regards to the lawsuit.

Many years ago, a close acquaintance asked me to become a model for their brand, and I signed an endorsement deal with them.

Afterward, I worked hard to fulfill my endorsement deal by promoting as a brand model and appearing on variety shows that were affiliated with the brand. But the plaintiff did not pay any of the staff or myself for the broadcast appearance fees, which resulted in a lot of victims.

From what I understand, the plaintiff was charged with embezzlement and was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in jail, which he is serving out right now. Considering the various circumstances, it appears that the plaintiff is trying to taint my innocence for financial reasons.

The plaintiff is threatening me with a lawsuit in order to take back the endorsement deal payment that I had rightfully earned by fulfilling my part of the contract. I had completed my duties from the contract so there is no reason for me to return my contract payment.

Regardless, I am embarrassed and apologetic to the public for having my name involved in such uncomfortable issues.

— Lee Sang Min


As Lee Sang Min is preparing to take legal action against the accuser, many of his celebrity friends have left supportive messages under his post.


As celebrities who are accused of controversial issues are usually taken off broadcast shows, netizens wondered if any of Lee Sang Min’s popular shows would take him out of the lineup.

JTBC’s Knowing Bros stated, “We are looking into the development of Lee Sang Min’s recent case. We will continue broadcasting as usual.” MBN’s Hit The Top also revealed that they will not be taking him off the show by stating, “Our broadcast will air without any changes. We will keep an eye out on the situation.” Lastly, SBS’s My Old Boy and Mnet’s Guess My Next Move also revealed that they are “looking into the issue” but have not announced any changes so far.

Source: YTN and TV Report