Popular Celebrity Leaves Cryptic Post Alluding To Recent Break Up

The celebrity seemed to hint at the reason why her relationship fell apart.

Comedian Lee Se Young uploaded a cryptic post after recently breaking up with her boyfriend.

Lee Se Young | @seyoung_1408/Instagram

On September 27, Lee Se Young uploaded a post to her Instagram story.


In her post, the comedian writes that if you are with someone who is constantly lowering your self-esteem, you should leave the person.

If the person is constantly hurting your self-esteem when they are with other people, that person is not who you are destined to be with.

— Lee Se Young

The comedian’s post follows recent news of her break-up with her boyfriend, whom she had been publicly dating since 2019.  The news was a shock to fans as she had previously announced that she was engaged to her boyfriend and that they were looking for a home together.

Lee Se Young with her ex-boyfriend (right) | @seyoung_1408/Instagram

At the time of the revelation, Lee Se Young stated that the couple had broken up earlier this year.

Like other couples, we broke up in early spring. I am sorry for only now revealing the news, as it wasn’t good news, and there was a lot for to take care of.

— Lee Se Young

Meanwhile, Lee Se Young is a comedian who debuted in 2011 through Comedy Big League. The comedian would go on to star in several seasons of Saturday Night Live Korea and currently runs a YouTube channel.

Source: wikitree