Lee Seung Gi Announces That He Is Marrying Lee Da In

Lee Seung Gi announced his marriage through his Instagram.

Lee Seung Gi announced he is marrying his girlfriend, actress Lee Da In.

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On February 7, Lee Seung Gi wrote a letter to fans announcing that he was getting married to his girlfriend of three years, Lee Da In.

In a handwritten letter, Lee Seung Gi  states that “This is the most important decision in my life,” while asking fans to support the couple’s new life together. The full letter is available below.

Hello, this is Lee Seung Gi.

It seems this year there are many reasons for me to write long letters.
Today, I would like to inform you of the most important decision in my life.

Lee Da In, the woman that I love, and I have decided to transition from lovers to “newlyweds.”

She accepted my proposal, and we received our blessings.
I am announcing this to you with joy in my heart from having someone to be responsible for.

She has a heart of gold, and she’s full of love. She is someone I want on my side forever.

I would like to share my happiness, and in turmoil, I would like to overcome it while holding her hand.

I hope you’ll support our future together. We’ll continue to share what we have and live happily ever after

Thank you.


Source: dispatch