Lee Seung Gi Reportedly Fails To Sell Out A 477-Seat Concert Venue — Netizens React

The singer once sold out a 15,000 seat stadium.

Lee Seung Gi reportedly failed to sell out a 477-seat concert.

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On April 20, a news report claimed that actor/singer Lee Seung Gi, who has received criticism for marrying Lee Da In, could not sell out a 477-seat venue for his Korean concert.

Although many expected the actor/singer’s show to sell out, contrary to expectations, according to the report, despite tickets going on sale on April 6, as of April 20, there were still 25-40 concert seats available. Also, of the 1908 total seats that were available for purchase during the four dates at the venue, 141 seats were still available. The report states that even the singer’s weekend show did not sell out.

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This is shocking, considering the singer had once sold out a 15,000-seat stadium. The news is even more shocking considering smaller acts, such as Tei, sold out his 500-seat concert in one minute, while Kim Yoon Ah of Jaurim recently sold out her 700-seat concert.

The news of Lee Seung Gi’s poor showing comes at the heels of criticism from netizens for his marriage to Lee Da In. Lee Seung Gi previously addressed the criticism in a lengthy letter to fans, but it seems that many are still upset.

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Netizens reacted to the news with surprise, while others stated that Lee Seung Gi should have expected this outcome due to the controversy surrounding his marriage.

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  • “There are people going?”
  • “He should have expected this.”
  • “Huh, really? This (boycott) works… I thought everyone would still go…”
  • “Wow, he ruined his own fate. Crazy.”
  • “Are Lee Seung Gi’s songs bad? Even if there is controversy, singers who sing well and have a lot of good songs still usually do well at concerts…”
  • “There are people that are actually going, LOL. Sigh, tsk tsk.”
  • “With people still going, it would be amazing if Lee Da In sits in the first row.”
  • “I guess there are people who is going, LOL. He seriously ruined his own fate.”
  • “Wow, still, this (boycott) works.”

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