Lee Seung Gi Might Have To Re-Enlist In The Army Soon If This Happens

Lee Seung Gi must have really enjoyed his time in the army, because he publically announced that he would go back if this happens!

On December 15, Lee Seung Gi participated in the press conference for tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama Hwayugi alongside his co-stars.

It was there that Lee Seung Gi made an announcement about the first episode that shocked viewers.

“If the first episode that airs gets more than 10% of the rating, then I will re-enlist in the army.”

— Lee Seung Gi

When his co-stars told him to stop teasing the viewers, he clarified that he would only be enlisting for the first three weeks of basic training, not the entire term.

“If we surpass 10%, then I’ll receive special military training. It only takes three weeks and I will try to pass it with flying colors.”

— Lee Seung Gi

Hwayugi, known as A Korean Odyssey in English, is a modern spin-off of the classic Chinese novel A Journey to the West.

Written by the well-known Hong Sisters, Hwayugi is set to air its first episode on December 23.

Check out for the trailer of the K-Drama below:

Source: Naver