Lee Seung Gi Responds To Backlash And Allegations Surrounding Atlanta Concert

“Hello, this is HUMANMADE…”

Lee Seung Gi‘s label responded to backlash stemming from a missed appearance in Atlanta.

Lee Seung Gi

On September 4, Lee Seung Gi’s label, HUMANMADE, released a statement addressing the controversy surrounding Lee Seung Gi’s Atlanta concert. Previously, a restauranteur and concert sponsor alleged that Lee Seung Gi had canceled a previously agreed appearance on the day of the event.

To this, HUMANMADE stated that Lee Seung Gi had never agreed to a fan meet.

Hello, this is HUMANMADE.

First, we would like to address the controversy over fan service. HUMANMADE and Lee Seung Gi have never agreed in any capacity to a fan meet at the restaurant. The sponsor was also found by the concert’s promoters. We are also unaware of any contracts between the two, and in particular, we have never spoken of anything involving monetary transactions.


Lee Seung Gi’s label then objected to the restauranteur, claiming the alleged slight was disrespectful to all Korean-Americans.

We express regret over the restauranteur framing themselves as representatives of all Korean-Americans to maliciously cause harm to the artist.


The label then finished its statement by thanking fans and those who attended the concert.

Lee Seung Gi is always thankful to the fans who attended his concerts and who have always supported him. Moving forward, we will do our best to make sure there are no more misunderstandings between Lee Seung Gi and his fans.


Meanwhile, controversy erupted after a sponsor of Lee Seung Gi’s concert claimed the artist canceled an agreed appearance at their restaurant on the day of the event. The restauranteur, however, admitted to not having a contract and that the agreement wasn’t in writing. Lee Seung Gi has since denied any agreement in any capacity. Read more about the incident below.

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Source: 10asia