Lee Shin Young’s Agency Announces Legal Action Against Netizen Who Accused Him Of A Violent Past

They have announced legal action.

Actor Lee Shin Young, who recently played a role in the drama Crash Landing on You, has filed charges against someone who spread malicious rumors about him. This individual spread rumors stating that Lee participated in school violence in the past.

Forest Entertainment announced on February 20 KST that they had filed a criminal complaint to the Seoul Prosecutors’ Office against the individual for the spread of false information and slander.
The individual later admitted to spreading false rumors and apologized to Lee. Lee found his apology to be genuine and forgave him for his acts. This, however, did not end quietly, as the individual later blackmailed Lee’s father demanding money otherwise he would do everything he could to destroy Lee’s public image.

I wrote a letter of apology, but did not receive any money. I’m thinking of revealing everything online. If you don’t want to come to an agreement with me, then don’t contact me. I’ll see you at the station.



Forest Entertainment was forced to press charges once again even after Lee had forgiven him the first time around. The agency also announced that they would take use all measures to protect the safety of their actors.

Lee Shin Young debuted as an actor in 2018 and is most recently known for his role in Crash Landing on You.

Source: Naver