Actress Lee Si Young Posts Concerning Photo To Instagram

Actress Lee Si Young reportedly fainted while hiking the Himalayas mountains.

Actress Lee Si Young uploaded a photo of herself fainted from hiking the Himalayas mountains.

Lee Si Young

Recently, Lee Si Young uploaded a photo of herself to her Instagram. In the post, Lee Si Young reveals the grueling difficulties she has faced while hiking in the Himalayas mountains. Korean media outlet Wikitree reported the actress had fainted.

The Himalayas is a mountain range spanning across India, Nepal, China, and Bhutan and includes  Mount Everest, which is the world’s highest mountain.

Himalayan mountain | Unsplash

In the photo, Lee Si Young is seen receiving medical attention. In her post, Lee Si Young writes that she had to receive medical assistance due to alpine sickness.

It’s been a continuous wave of hardship. The Himalayas aren’t as beautiful and happy as they look in pictures. Of course, it is these hardships that make the journey’s end that much more rewarding. We are currently enduring and learning about life. Although three people from our team couldn’t continue due to oxygen levels dropping below 50, which made it impossible to breathe without an oxygen tank, you guys were in our hearts.

— Lee Si Young

Thankfully, Lee Si Young seems to have recovered, as she has since uploaded new photos of her journey.

Despite all of this, we are happy.

— Lee Si Young

Meanwhile, Lee Si Young is a popular actress who has starred in projects such as Sweet Home, Risky Romance, and Liver Or Die. She is well known for her commitment to health and physical fitness.


Source: wikitree