Popular Actress Shocks Fans With Incredible Transformation

“Muscle mommy.”

Actress Lee Si Young is going viral for her muscular figure.

Lee Si Young | Netflix

On December 14, Lee Si Young uploaded a series of photos to her Instagram. In the photos, the actress can be seen filming for her role on Netflix’s Sweet Home 2.

The actress captioned her photos, “I guess I was a man,” but proved that through hard work and dedication, women can achieve a figure that most men can only dream of.


Netizens expressed their shock in the comments while praising the actress for her incredible transformation.

  • You’re so cool.
  • Unnie, you’re so cool.
  • Wow…
  • You’re the coolest!
  • Oppa… I mean, unnie!

Meanwhile, Lee Si Young is a popular actress who is best known for starring in Netflix’s Sweet Home series. The series recently made its long-awaited return with its second season. You can check out its trailer in the link below.


Source: wikitree