Lee Soo Man Hints At Possible Hollywood Film Using aespa’s Universe

Would you watch the movie if it came out?

Recently, SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man held a SM CONGRESS 2021 online event and revealed the upcoming plans for the company for the remainder of the year. During the event, he also revealed that they are in discussion for making a Hollywood film based on the storyline of aespa.

Executive producer Lee Soo Man stated, “SM has been a contents company since its beginning. The killer contents that has accumulated over 27 years is SM’s valuable asset. SM’s history is not the past, but the story of the future.”

He added, “There has been mentioning in Hollywood about creating a movie using the storyline of aespa.”

Member Karina also stated, “Only episode one has been released, and we will soon see how we and ae work together in the KWANGYA.”

Source: news1