SM Is Developing Artificial Intelligence Idols That Will Resemble EXO and Red Velvet

Watch out fans! S.M. Entertainment is bringing your favorite K-Pop idols to you closer than ever with an innovative AI technology.

Lee Soo Man, the President of S.M. Entertainment, held a conference in Vietnam to reveal his plans of utilizing the artificial intelligence into an idol market.

“I believe a massive virtual world will be created in the future.

An avatar world will come where we will be living with AI robots that have the exact same looks, personalities, and talents as celebrities.

We will be able to enjoy cultural content while living with these AI celebrities.”

— Lee Soo Man

Source: Herald

He plans on creating artificial intelligent robots that look and act exactly with the EXO and Red Velvet members!

Lee Soo Man also spoke about the potential down risks of replicating a certain celebrity and diluting his/her personality.

“With the increased amount of AI celebrities, they will become very real but even in that world, the original celebrity will always only be one.

The role of the original celebrity and entertainment agency will actually become more crucial.”

— Lee Soo Man

They successfully established a company called AI Stars in Hong Kong, where they partnered with a professional Artificial Intelligence company called ObEN.

SM Entertainment Will Use Their Idols To Create Virtual Assistants For You

S.M. Entertainment is known for their continuous investment in innovation, such as their use of hologram features for musicals and concerts!

Whether they’ll be the next global trend in pop-culture or not, fans are highly curious about these AI replicas of their favorite idols.

Source: Herald Corp.