Lee Soo Man Becomes The First Korean To List On Billboard’s “2020 Impact List”

Billboard referred to his “SuperM” project.

Lee Soo Man, the Executive Producer of SM Entertainment, made history when he was listed as the first Korean to enter Billboard‘s “IMPACT LIST” for 2020!

Billboard released their “IMPACT LIST”, where they honor the “accomplished executives beyond the scope… shaping the industry’s future.


They described Lee Soo Man’s recent success with the “supergroupSuperM. SuperM’s historical feat in becoming the first K-Pop act to debut its first album on the Billboard 200 was listed as his “dedication to culture first, economy next“.


Lee Soo Man has been active in the Korean music industry since the 1970s, and he still remains one of the most influential players 50 years later!

With his long history of success after success in terms of his own music and producing idols, Lee Soo Man was the clear choice as the first Korean to be honored on Billboard’s “IMPACT LIST”.

Congratulations, Lee Soo Man and the staff at SM Entertainment!

Source: Billboard and Herald Pop