Lee Soo Man Jopped To ‘Jopping’ And Its The Purest Thing You’ll See Today

You can see that he’s so proud of SuperM!

Lee Soo Man got in with the trend and was totally “Jopping” with SuperM!


On October 9, SuperM held a live broadcast on their Instagram account. While it was streaming, guess who joined them? 

It was none other SM Entertainment’s founder, Lee Soo Man!



As soon as he saw them, he waved and walked up dancing to join them. No wait, he jumped and popped (i.e., “jopped”) towards them!


(also peak Lucas yelling, “Uri Boss!”)


As soon as he saw that they were recording something, he became shy and tried to hide his face and run away in embarrassment. But he came back into the frame just to do the “Jopping” cheer along with them, showing just how close the relationship between SuperM and Lee Soo Man is!



What did you think of their interaction?